Practice Pure Water Habits Everywhere

Pure Berkey Purification is portable and requires no electricity or installation, making it the perfect companion in your RV, Cabin, Boat, Holiday Home or College Dorm anywhere in the US or Abroad. Enjoy yourself and your surroundings knowing you’re drinking pure, safe water. Don’t give contaminants a chance – Practice Pure Water Habits by always purifying your water.

Pure Water Habits are Simple Anywhere with Pure Berkey

Hiking and Camping

Whether your nature experience is primitive or has all the comforts of home, Pure Berkey keeps you safe from water borne bacteria, cysts, microbes and chemicals.  No matter the fresh water source- lake, pond, river, catchment, well or tap- you are assured of pure and healthful water.  Sport Berkey is perfect for backpackers and requires no batteries.


RVs and Campers

Stay on the road and  free of illness  by practicing Pure Water Habits with Pure Berkey.  No matter where you fill your fresh water tank, Pure Berkey provides the same pure water state after state, without draining batteries or gobbling precious LP. Boondock even longer as Pure Berkey purification turns any fresh water source into healthy pure water. Travel Berkey and Big Berkey have small footprints and produce plentiful pure water. All Berkeys nest for convenient storage while traveling, and set up in seconds.

Dorm Room Living

Sending a child off to school can be hard on parents and grandparents.  Make sure your student is practicing Pure Water Habits away at school.  Travel Berkey is perfect for dorm rooms and packs up easily for school breaks.

Boating Life

Onboard you need everything to pull its weight- Pure Berkey ensures a steady supply of pure water where ever the water takes you. Eliminate bulky water barrels by purifying the very fresh water you’re travelling on, or turn slip water into plentiful pure water for drinking and cooking.

Holiday & Vacation

Owning or renting a holiday home can be a dream come true.  But water born illness can turn a wonderful time away into a nightmare.  There is a  Pure Berkey perfect for your needs- from Travel Berkey all the way to Crown Berkey for large family gatherings.  Enjoy the world’s most beautiful destinations knowing you’re practicing Pure Water Habits.  Pure Berkey Purification turns any fresh water from any source into plentiful pure water.  Don’t give contaminants a chance- bring Pure Berkey along where ever you go!


Adventure Travel

Hiking up Macchu Picchu, exploring the Taj Mahal or discovering the Forbidden City can be once in a lifetime adventures.  Don’t take risks with serious water borne illness.  Sport Berkey provides convenient, lightweight and superior purification without stirring, tablets or batteries.  Be confident and adventurous- drink Pure Berkey water where ever your adventurous spirit takes you!