Are e Coli and Boil Water Advisories the new normal? Pure Berkey protects you.

More than 50% of U.S. municipal water & wastewater infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life with over 240,000 water main breaks per yearAging water infrastructure across the U.S. is leading to water pipes failing. When pipes break or experience pressure drops, e Coli and other deadly bacteria can enter the water supply. Your water company is required to issue a Boil Water Notice. Unfortunately, your household is drinking that water before you’re told to boil it.

Pure Water Habits. Pure Berkey removes 99.9% of e Coli, Coliform Bacteria and Viruses. When our customers use Pure Berkey daily, they avoid the health risks of drinking contaminated water associated with a Boil Water Notice. Practicing Pure Water Habits means you don’t give contaminants like e Coli, Coliform Bacteria and Viruses a chance to get into your family’s drinking and cooking water.

When you’re told to boil water, your water utility is telling you to use the oldest and most basic form of water treatment- a treatment invented in 1849 to combat Cholera. The Mayo Clinic tells us Cholera comes from “(p)oor sanitary conditions. Cholera is more likely to flourish in situations where a sanitary environment — including a safe water supply — is difficult to maintain. Such conditions are common to refugee camps, impoverished countries, and areas devastated by famine, war or natural disasters.”2 From Wikipedia: “The first known modern Boil Water Advisory notice…was distributed in 1866 during the last of three major cholera outbreaks that ravaged London in the 19th century…John Snow’s 1849 recommendation that water be “filtered and boiled before it is used” is one of the first practical applications of germ theory in the area of public health and is the antecedent to the modern boil water advisory… Snow later went so far as to accurately propose …the structure of cholera was that of a cell. Snow’s ideas were not fully accepted until years after his death in 1858.”3