Boiling water to kill microbes is so 1854.

Dr. John Snow definitely knew things. Mocked in his day, he still stopped a major cholera outbreak saving hundreds of lives and today is considered the father of modern public health.  Born on March 15, 1813, he advised the people of London in 1854 to purify their water just as he did every day using the best technology of the time- boiling. Today, the best technology is Pure Berkey’s high quality purification, removing hundreds of contaminants from Cholera, E.Coli and Lead to those not even conceived of in Dr. Snow’s time, like Chromium 6 and PFOA. Today, we know boiling water can actually make modern chemical contaminants worse.

We feel confident Dr. Snow would advise you to purify, because you deserve water that’s actually GOOD for you!  Pure Berkey makes pure water easy.