Most of us know we’re drinking “a little bit” of stuff that’s bad for us. 

Pure Berkey’s purifying filters remove more than pitcher and faucet filters, last longer and end up costing you less.

We think the conversation about water needs to change. Stop asking “will my water hurt me” and start saying “I want water that’s GOOD for me.” Personally, we find it a lot more reassuring to drink water that is lab-tested free of harsh chemicals, known carcinogens, radon-like particles other people’s drugs, pesticides and unregulated industrial run off. Water from filters that handle today’s contaminants, and powerful enough to handle whatever the future brings. Water that’s GOOD for you. 

A word about that “little bit.”  That’s actually a risk number set by E.P.A. that balances the known risk that you will get cancer, heart, brain or other organ damage offset against the price of fixing the problem. This is easily seen on your water quality report; you’ll see E.P.A. has two sets of numbers.  The number that is less likely to injure you (MCGL), and the higher number, over which the water is illegal and highy likely to injure you (MCL). Sadly, many of us are drinking water that’s not even legal.

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