A lifetime of accumulated Lead is stored in older adults’ bones2 and that lead is released as we age when bone mass decreases.3 Lead is linked to dementia risk.1

The EPA allows lead in everyone’s water.1 Pure Berkey removes 99.99% of lead.

It’s important for Seniors to limit exposure to even small amounts of lead today. This is because Seniors are already experiencing the impacts of past lead exposure. Past lead exposure plus any new lead exposure creates much higher blood lead levels for Seniors. The risk of dementia increases with higher blood lead levels.

Studies published by the National Institutes of Health show that even low-level lead exposure over a lifetime builds up in our bones. As our bone mass decreases in older age, bone-stored lead is released into our bloodstream where it contributes to dementia, poor vascular health2, renal disease, and cataracts.3 For most seniors, that means the higher amounts of lead we were exposed to daily from the 1930’s – 1986 when lead pipes were finally banned, is leaching out of our bones into our blood and damaging our brains, heart, kidneys and eyes. All of us have measurable amounts of lead in our bodies. 2 

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