Practicing Pure Water Habits

Water through Berkey

Practicing Pure Water Habits means you don’t give contaminants a chance to harm the health of your household. By using Pure Berkey Purification daily, you avoid unpleasant surprises and are always prepared for any contingency. The sad fact is, we learn about contaminated water AFTER we’ve been drinking it, sometimes for years. By practicing Pure Water Habits daily with Pure Berkey, you’re assured of pure, plentiful and healthful water for pennies a gallon.

Tap water is complicated – Pure Water is Simple with Pure Berkey

Avoid harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and unregulated carcinogens in tap water by using Pure Berkey every day. You can rest assured you’re prepared for the worst case scenario. When you practice Pure Water habits with Pure Berkey, you’re covered during Boil Water notices, chemical spills, water main breaks, natural disasters, and bottled water shortages.

Find Your Water Report

The EPA currently requires water utilities to self-report on some of the contents of the tap water they sell to you. These reports are called Consumer Confidence Reports. Important Note: these reports are limited in scope and do not reflect every contaminant that may be in your water.  These reports depend upon the accurate measurement and reporting of covered contaminates by water utilities who have a financial interest in providing a positive report on the water they sell you. Lastly, these reports allow water utilities to use the word “safe” so long as the water contaminant levels are legal.  Find your Consumer Confidence Report by State to the right.

Find your Consumer Confidence Report by State to the right.

Don't See Your Town or County?

While we’ve collected quite a few reports, we may not have yours. Here’s how to find it:

In your search engine, type “(My Area) Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report”. For example, here's how to find the Consumer Confidence Report for Omaha, Nebraska:
Google Search for Water Quality Consumer Confidence Reports