EPA Rules Allow Lead in Everyone’s Water

EPA states that no amount of lead is safe to drink1. Lead is a strong neurotoxin2 which causes skin lesions, behavior changes/problems, brain damage, coma, and death3.

Lead Causes Brain Damage, Coma and Death

Despite this, EPA allows lead in drinking water4. The EPA allows every man, woman and child in America to drink 15 times more lead than EPA says is safe5.

Everyone is Allowed to Drink Lead Under EPA Guidelines

EPA also applies a 90/10 rule to your water6 which allows 100,000 households out of a city of 1 million households (10%) to drink water with an unlimited level of lead7.

  • 1 in 10 households can have UNLIMITED amounts of lead and still meet EPA regulations

The way the rule is written, for these 10% of households, there is no upper limit to the amount of lead allowed in their drinking water8. This is what EPA says is OK and your water system can report as “meeting EPA regulations.”9

EPA rules allow 15 times the safe level of lead in all drinking water

Don't Take Chances With Lead


Of Lead Removed

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