You can make a difference for people in need! Do you have an organization interested in raising money to donate Pure Water in the US or Abroad? Considering Donating to Pure Berkey’s Flint Charity, Pure Water for All. Learn More about Pure Water for All.


Or give directly to our GoFundMe campaign to donate to residents – families and children in need of clean drinking water – in Flint, Michigan. Learn more about our GoFundMe campaign.

Pure Berkey is a wonderful addition to an existing or new charitable program. Whether domestic or overseas, the Berkey Light unit provides safe, reliable, lightweight and long lasting access to pure water for hospitals, clinics, schools, orphanages and other aid institutions. Pure Berkey reliably and cost-effectively purifies any fresh water source, including lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Contact us to discuss how Pure Berkey can be your charity partner!