The number 4 city in the U.S., Houston has so much to offer residents with great jobs, natural beauty like Buffalo Bayou, a strong cultural life with world-class museums, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center.   Unfortunately, Houston faces significant water contaminant challenges and has been listed on a number of compilations of U.S. cities with the worst water.

Houston, you deserve better water. Pure Berkey tackles all the contaminants you’re struggling with, providing you with pure water that tastes wonderful and is actually good for you.

Lead– 99.9% removed

Uranium– 98.7% removed

Coliform Bacteria-99.99+% removed

e-Coli– 99.99+% removed

Haloacetic Acid– 99.6% removed

Arsenic– 99.9% removed

Strontium– 95.3+% removed

Vanadium– 87.5% removed

Chromium 6/Hexavalent Chromium– 99.8% removed

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