Red Stars Indicate Cities with Water Contamination

700,000 Californian’s water doesn’t meet State of California standards.


Pure Berkey handles all the contaminants California is struggling with.

California- Purifying your water is easy and affordable!  Pure Berkey water filters are certified to purify, removing the contaminants the State of California warns is in your water. Pitcher and faucet filters can’t handle these contaminants. You deserve water that’s GOOD for you. 4 cents a gallon. Cheaper than bottled water- and a lot less heavy to lug around.

Here’s how Pure Berkey performs on the tough contaminants California is struggling with:

Carcinogenic chemicals-99.9+% removed
Arsenic-99.9% removed
Cadmium- 99.7% removed
Radium- 97-99.9% removed
Uranium, Alpha particles- 98.7+% removed
Nitrate- 95% removed